Mars Frontier

Mars Frontier

Here is a quick Table outlining the Rewards for destroying Each of the "Eternal" Computer Opponent's bases.

This will allow you to destroy easier bases in order to obtain the equipment necessary to destroy the higher level ones, or to just annoy your greatest rivals.

02/20/13 *Update seems rewards are random and not always the same.

Use the following Abbreviations:

W = Water, I = Iron

HG = Harvester Guard, BG = Building Guard, BA = Building Armor

1d = 1 day, 2h = 2 hours, etc.

EMP = EMP Missiles, TM = Tactical Missiles

Robot classes:

R = Rover, T = Transport, G = Gunship


MD = Mining Droid, HM = Heavy Miner, BD = Blaster Droid, ExD = Excavator Droid
DD = Detonator Droid, ED = Elevation Droid, Cur = Curiosity, Ph = Phantom
LR = Load Runner, QC = Quick Car, MB = Muscle Box, GT = Gun Truck
RP = Rocket Pod, MC = Motion Cannon, Ti = Tiger, Hu = Hunter
Rec = Recon Probe, Ho = Hornet, He = Hellion, Li = Liberator, WB = Warbird, Dr = Dragon

{Robot or Robot class} followed by:

DB = Damage Boost, SB = Speed Boost, AM = Armor Mod, RS = Radiation Shield, BS = Blizzard Shield, R = Resurrection (obsolete)

e.g. DDSB = Detonator Droid Speed Boost, RAM = Rover Armor Mod

Rewards for Computer Opponents
Opponent 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Subareion (Normal) 1k W 1k W 3 BD 3 BD 10k I 10k W 10k W 1 HG
Subareion (Heroic) 5 Ho 10m DDSB 10m DDSB 10K I 2 ED 5 DD 5 DD

5 Cur, 1d RR, 10 EMP

Subareion (Epic) 1 EEDB 100k I 10 DD 5 TM
Kirat (Normal) 1k W 3 BD 5 HM 3 BD 3 ED 10k I 3 ED

5 Cur, 1d RR, 10 EMP

Kirat (Heroic) 10m DDSB 10k I 5 Ho 1h RDB 1h RDB 1h RDB

50k I

20 Cur, 2d RR, 500K I, 10 EMP

Kirat (Epic)
Wasteland (Normal) 10k W 10 k I 20K i 10k I 30k W BG L1-2, 1 random
Wasteland (Heroic) 10m DDSB 30k I 30k I 10m DDSB 5 TM 5 EMP BG L3-4, 1 random
Wasteland (Epic)

BG L5-6, 1 random

Zero (Normal) 5 Alloy 10k I 10k W 10k I 10k I 10k I 10k I T 3% DPS, RBS  80%, 1 random
Zero (Heroic) 20k W/I 20k W 30k W 20k W 5 EMP 50k W T 4% DPS, GBS 80%, 1 random
Zero (Epic)
Gale Crater (Normal) 20k W 20k W/I 10k I 20k W 5 Alloy 10k I 30k I EMP/TM, R boost
Gale Crater (Heroic) 10k I RDB Heroic Items, R boosts
Gale Crater (Epic) Cu unlocked / 1 random epic
Dark Moon (Normal) 10 EMP 10k I 20k I 10 EMP, 20k I 10k I 30k I 10 EMP, 30k I HM/BD/ExD AM, 1 random
Dark Moon (Heroic) 5 TM 20k W 30k W 5 EMP, 10k W Warehouse upgrade, QCAM, DD/MB/GT/Ho, 1 random
Dark Moon (Epic) 1 TM 1 TM 100K W HuAM, Ti/ED/LI/WB, 1 random
Phantom Assault (Normal) 10k W 10k I 10k W 10k I 30k W 30k I 10k I BA L1-2, 1 random
Phantom Assault (Heroic) 10m DDSB 10m DDSB 30k I 10k W 5 EMP 10m DDSB 5 EMP BA L3-4, 1 random
Phantom Assault (Epic) 100k W 100k I 100k I Ph unlocked / 1 BA L5-6
Meltdown (Normal) 10k W 20k W 30k I 10k W 30k W RRS 80% & RAM 5%, 1 random
Meltdown (Heroic) 30k I DDSB 30k W GRS 80% & GAM 5%, 1 random
Meltdown (Epic)